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tynyxicons is my personal icon journal meant to display and share icons and other graphics I design. I dont mind questions...its perfectly fine to ask me about things if you like. However, I dont have time to answer everyone nor do I neccessarily feel obligated to divulge certain methods I use if I dont wish to so if you have a question about achiving certain effects or about problems with photo editing programs ect. it would be better if you took your question to a comm that is catered specifically to helping icon makers; also it would be really worth while for both you and me if you would look over the FAQ page (the link is at the bottom of the page) before you ask a question because it may already have been asked and answered and therefore you won't have to wait half your life for me to answer.

My entries for the time being will be fairly infrequent as I'm enrolled full time in film school and I dont have much spare time at the moment. That being said...I'll try do update as often as I can but I'm already spreading my free time quite thin so I cant even guess at how often I'll post

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If you use my icons and graphics...you need to credit me...its not an option. The reasons for this are twofold

a.) I put alot into my icons when I could be doing other things...if people are just going to snag them and claim them as their own work...its going to lessen my inspiration.

b.) This is a sharing journal...If you dont credit me, people that like my work will not be able to find them...simple as that.

There are several ways to credit me...if can be on a resources page, in your info and through your pics keywords. It really doesnt matter which method you use but I like to credit through keywords; you can find out how to do so here

Don't hotlink...its just plain common sense. I've had bandwidth exceeded so many times and yet I'm nice enough to keep sharing. If it starts to become a problem again...I may not continue to be so generous. What is Hotlinking and how do you know if you're doing it? Go here to find out.

ALL icons are 100% NON editable unless specified and textless icons are not bases. If you want a variation, you may request one (provide I am taking requests at the time) This is the ONLY way you can posess and altered icon.

Redistribution of these icons is prohibited. In other words...dont post them in your own journal for people to take.If you wish to link to this journal, that's fine but please don't just download the icons and give them out haphazzardly.


As of Monday August 21, 2006, I am not taking any new requests, please check back frequently for a change in this status.

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If you would like to affiliate with me, please comment under the sticky post on the entries page. I link to affiliates with text links ONLY, no banners, buttons or blinkies will be posted. You MUST link back to me or I will not keep your link up. If you are deleting your journal, or going on hiatus, again....please comment under the sticky post so I can alter the affiliate info.